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It’s rare these days for me to get excited about a new language – because frankly it seems as though there are so many new ones, and yet so little value that they provide. Which is why it’s pleasantly surprising, on this quiet Monday morning, to see the release of a new scripting language that actually improves the development experience. I’m talking of course about Binary...

Coding Kihon

I loved Sara Ford’s thoughts about coding katas. Yes, most coding should really be referred to as coding kihon (as you practice daily), and coding kumite when you’re deep in a project. Nice one. I also enjoyed Steve Andrew’s post on Shotokan Development that Sara linked to.
Oh, and good luck in your new role Sara.

Team System Web site clean up

I’ve always liked how the Team System team work hard to provide details on what they’re up to. This is becoming more the norm on Microsoft assets (just check out the great job Beth Massi has been doing on the VSTO site for example), and so I shouldn’t be surprised to see just how serious they see simple things like content management to be. as Jeff Beehler notes, the Team System team have hired a...

Software Craftsmanship

My good friend and colleague at Elcom, Angus McDonald (aka Falkayn), and I have been chatting about ways to improve the software processes at work. He’s taking over many of the responsibilities I’ve held – now that I’m moving on – and is a considered thinker. Angus is much more Agile focussed than me, and recently lead a very useful retrospective for us at Elcom. In a recent...

Office DevCon – 15-16 November 2008 – Sydney, Australia

Yes, Office DevCon is on again. Here’s the details: Office DevCon is an annual community-driven conference that allows Microsoft Office developers and power users to come together in one location to hear expert speakers present on a wide range of Microsoft Office-related topics. Come along and discover how to do things you never knew you could do with the Microsoft Office suite of products...

Steve Ballmer and Sydney Developers

Fin has posted the news that Steve Ballmer wants to chat with developers when he comes to Sydney in November. Get ready for all those ‘Developers, Developers, Developers’ jokes. Seriously though, I think this will be a good thing – at the MVP Summit earlier this year, listening to Steve talk about his passion for the developer community was really inspiring (note: not to be confused with this)...

Great developers

[UPDATE: Fin has posted the full list of responses – great advice there!] What’s a great developer? An email went around recently asking a few people what they thought constituted a successful developer. My first thought was: did you mean successful or were really asking what is a great developer – since we all know a few lousy developers that have been very successful right? But...

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