Bob Iger


Motivating profile of Bob Iger in the NYT.

In a town where everyone is always filleting everyone else, Mr. Iger floats above it all, cosseted in what some call a “a cult of nice.” He may own most of the box office, but he is shielded from schadenfreude because the people who would ordinarily begrudge him are happy that someone was able to assail the unassailable Netflix, and rescue the spirit of Old Hollywood from the takeover of the deep-pocketed tech giants.

“Literally, I have never heard one person say a bad thing about him and I have never seen him be mean,” David Geffen marveled. “To be honorable, decent, smart, successful and a terrific guy is unusual anywhere. But it is most unusual in the entertainment business. He’s in a category of one.”

That’s who we should aim to be: honourable, decent, smart, successful.

Of course, the NYT piece is just a PR nod for Bob’s latest book. But all the same I’ll take it as an example of good triumphing.

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By Craig Bailey