Australian ALM Conference


Australian ALM Conference

Good to see that the new dates for the Australian ALM Conference have been confirmed (as per organizer Anthony Borton’s blog post on Monday).

It’s now set for 13-14 April 2010 at Luna Park (in Sydney).

The conference has a great line up of sessions and speakers, and will be the official Australian launch of Visual Studio 2010. There’s also training and stuff after the event.

The cost is $654.50 for the conference which is pretty reasonable in my opinion. In fact, thinking about the cost of attending in comparison to some other events  – eg Code Camp Oz in Wagga (a must-attend event btw) I’d say it is on par. Most years when attending code camp I spend in the same ballpark on flights and accommodation. Admittedly though Sydney’s finest restaurants can’t compare with the Wagga Wagga Golden Seasons experience! :-)

I’d recommend the event, especially if you want to get up to speed on all things Application Lifecycle Management related.

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By Craig Bailey