Anyone but these fuckers


(Apologies to readers outside Australia – the following applies to local politics)

The upcoming Australian Federal Election is going to be so, so interesting.

If the recent local election – we’re in Willoughby (part of Sydney in NSW) – is any guide the swing away from major parties is surprisingly high. It looks as though Liberals will just hold on, but only after a massive swing to independent Larissa Penn (full disclosure: I voted for her) had them scared.

Willoughby has been such a safe Liberal seat for so long, it’s remarkable to see such a change.

Seems to part of a growing attitude that I’ll just call the ‘Anyone but these fuckers’ voting approach.

We’re all fed up with the lies, the corruption, the lack of leadership, and the short-sighted policy initiatives.

It would be wonderful if there were compelling alternative candidates, but even if there aren’t, there’s no way we’re going to proceed with the current fuckers.

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By Craig Bailey