All About Microsoft promoting Google Apps


Google certainly knows how to get it’s advertising in the right place.

Take this piece on the ‘All About Microsoft’ blog (one of my favourite blogs by the way – Mary-Jo is a bit of personal hero of mine). It’s a post about Microsoft’s recent white paper (PDF) on improved efficiency in their datacenters. It’s a great result btw – 25% improvements in energy efficiency in some of their existing datacenters – but that’s not what interests me here. Instead check out the big Google ad, all beautifully tailored to fit into the zdnet site.

Google Apps ad

And it gets better. Clicking on the little plus sign in the top right displays this – Links, whitepapers, and even a video:

Google ad expanded

That my friends, is art. A beautifully constructed advertising campaign. Sitting in the perfect position on a site devoted to Microsoft. And on this particular post it’s even more pertinent since the article is about cloud computing – Google’s ad is all about the benefits Google customers are receiving from switching to Google’s cloud offerings.

Whoever devised this Google ad campaign deserves a big pay rise. Hopefully whoever’s looking after advertising for Microsoft has learnt a valuable lesson…


By Craig Bailey