34 today


So I’m 34 today.

Am I feeling older? Wiser? More confident and mature? Who cares? Just tell us what presents you got!

Well, my wife has excelled herself this year.

First up she gives me the new Alter Bridge album (think Creed with a new singer). Now, after checking the web these guys are huge in the US. But down here… never heard of ’em. Usual story – it takes 3 month for the news to break down in this neck o’ the woods. But, make no mistake, this is a killer album. These guys are good. I know its a big call, but I’m calling this the Hard Rock Album of the Year for me. Take a listen to ‘Open their eyes’ – why isn’t that on the charts here? Why am I not hearing it on the radio continuously?

Second, I get a new Pentax Optio 4Si digital camera. How cute is this camera? I love it. Expect to see an annoying number of posts in the next week with lame pictures I’ve taken.

Now, how am I going to match this for her birthday later this month?

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By Craig Bailey