Wish item: PDC viewer


One thing I’d like is a special PDC videos viewer.Microsoft PDC

Currently I’m watching most of the videos via Channel 9, and the experience is quite nice. I also have a number of sessions downloaded (and a big thanks to Justin King for saving me tons of bandwidth by burning me a DVD of all his downloads).

But in general the experience is so… Web 1.0, and here’s the user experience I’d really like:

  • I’d like to have a simple way of tagging the videos I intend to watch and having them queued up.
  • As I watch each one I’d like the viewer to keep a track of where I get up to, and then resume from there next time I have some time to watch (I usually get a 20 minute window here and there to watch).
  • I’d also like to be able to mark specific points in some of the videos and share links to those exact points with people (via a URL).
  • I’d like a history of what I’ve watched, and my favourites.

Is there anything like this out there already? I’m thinking this must be  a common request.

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By Craig Bailey