What do I spend my time on?


It’s always interesting to see what you spend time on the most… but tracking it can be hard. There’s various programs available of course, but you never really know how accurate they are. Does it count the idle time you spend reading an email on screen, and how does it tell that you weren’t actually on the phone at said time, etc, etc.

Anyway, regardless of all the inaccuracies that will no doubt abound, it is still fun to check what you’ve been doing…

I installed Wakoopa a few months ago and left it tracking away in the back ground. Here’s the summary of what I’ve been doing lately:


You’ll notice a few things right away:

It says I used Outlook for 4.5 hours last week. I know I’ve had Outlook open pretty much continuously for the last week, so it is reasonable to assume that Wakoopa uses some kind of behavioural algorithm to work out usage. This is likely to be a combination of mouse movement and keyboard usage (the FAQ mentions a 30 second timeout for inactivity). So, this tells us that the actual times it reports are as good as useless… but the relative times are where it gets interesting.

For example, it seems that I spend most if my time in IE, followed by Outlook, then FeedDemon (my blog reader) and SharePoint Designer.

This seems reasonable to me – I spend a lot of time on different web sites, including our own, and especially our intranet. You’ll notice that other browsers (Safari and Firefox) are also in my top 10.

My usage of FeedDemon seems strange – since I use it every morning and afternoon on the train (30 mins each way), as well as during the day. I actively read (ie 30 sec timeouts would be rare) and I’m on it a fair bit at night as well. So, as a guess I reckon I’m reading blogs for 5-6 hours solid each week. But, as I noted earlier, the times Wakoopa records are best understood in relative terms.

Finally, it is interesting to note that Visual FoxPro, Visual Studio and PowerPoint aren’t mentioned in my top 10s, although I tend to use these a fair bit as well. In fact, if the full list is to be believed, I use the Volume Control more than VFP :-)

Summary: Interesting to note, but take it with a grain of salt.

Here’s my full list:


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