VSTO: How Do I videos by Steve Hansen


I’ve linked to these a bit over on my link blog last year, but I think they warrant a dedicated post here.

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time with VSTO lately, and I’ve found Steve Hansen’s How To videos to be one of the best resources in getting me started.

What I particularly like is that he takes interesting ideas as his sample examples. For instance: how to put a WPF Action Pane in Excel, or how to Search SharePoint from Word. No ‘Hello World’ sleep inducers here.

The other thing I like is that most between 10 and 20 minutes in length. Watch one whilst you’re having breakfast. Or lunch. Too easy.

[Last year I tried to get through some of the TechEd videos but found it too difficult due to their length. At over an hour each I could never get through in a single sitting and always found myself coming back to a half watched session wondering where I had got up to.]

Short videos is the way forward.

Here’s a few links to Steve’s videos that I watched and found useful:

There are plenty more on the VSTO How Do I videos page.

I’ve also been checking out Beth Massi’s excellent How Do I videos on VB and LINQ – but more on those another time.

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By Craig Bailey