VSTO: Access Add-ins?


I get a few emails each week from people asking about various VSTO related scenarios. I can usually point them to a related MSDN forum entry or blog post, or even (on a good day!) solve it for them myself.

Interestingly the question of Access add-ins has come up a few times lately, so I thought I’d make mention of it here.

Basically, the official position is that building Access Add-ins is NOT supported. There’s no template in Visual Studio for building any type of VSTO add-in for Access.

However, that’s not to say something can’t be done. Andrew Whitechapel wrote an excellent post back in February that covers the possibilities. Suffice to say, it is possible (in the sense that just about anything is possible) but – I repeat – is expressly NOT supported by Microsoft (his post explains why).

(Note: I haven’t tried this – I’m simply linking to it)

(Aside: If you are looking for the Access 2007 Developer Extensions (ADE) click here)

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By Craig Bailey