VFP: Sydney VFP User Group returns on 22 Feb 2006


I’ve posted a prelimiary timetable for the Sydney VFP User Group for 2006.
Notice that we will have Scott Scovell presenting every month on VFP Design patterns. Exciting stuff.
I’m looking for more presenters – please let me know if you are willing and able.
This year we will have some consistency for each of the meetings. Firstly there will in depth VFP technical stuff (headed up by Scott’s presentations). Next there will be a stronger focus than last year on using SQL Server in your VFP projects (and we are lucky to have Eka down for a few sessions here already). Finally, I will be delivering sessions on business skills (eg how to promote VFP to prospective corporate clients). These will be directed more at managers and business owners and be less technical.
On top of these we are hoping to regularly have extra speakers presenting on a range of VFP topics. 
As always I am keen to hear suggestions and feedback, and more than willing to take a risk on some new ideas.
It is going to be a great year.

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By Craig Bailey