VFP: OzFox Lite will be free


Blogger informs me that this is my 200th post.
So, how fitting that I can use this milestone to announce a special bonus about OzFox Lite
Thanks to the generosity of Microsoft and in particular Andrew Coates for his great support, I am pleased to say that the registration fee for OzFox Lite will be zero.
I’m really glad we can do this, and make OzFox Lite very code-camp like. So, what possible excuse could you have for not coming? It is on a weekend (to minimise time away from your business), is easy to get to (Microsoft headquarters in Sydney), and you have plenty of notice (it is still 6 weeks away). Oh, and I will have some exciting speaker related news next week.
Note, you still need to register for OzFox Lite, so that we can cater appropriately. Details on how to register are on the site.
Australia and New Zealand – this is one event you shouldn’t miss.
OzFox Lite: 25 and 26 March 2006.
Note, you heard it here first – we still haven’t updated the web site yet…

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By Craig Bailey