VFP: OzFox Lite update (Australian and New Zealand Visual FoxPro conference)


Thanks to everyone who has been supporting OzFox Lite so far. I have been pleased to receive registrations from a whole bunch of people I have never heard of :-), so word is certainly getting around. I have you, the community, to thank for that. Please keep it up.
For those who don’t know about OzFox Lite yet, please check out the site (www.ozfox.com.au) for details. It is looking likely that the event may turn out to be free (yes free!) but I will confirm that in the next month.
If you are interested in hearing a little bit of a promotion for it you can head over to the OzFox Rocks site and download a small (7 minute) mini-podcast that Scott and I recorded. This will give you an overview of what the conference is about. Check it out here: http://www.ozfoxrocks.com/Default.aspx?tabid=56
I’ve also had a number of people ask about the full OzFox conference that I had previously advised will be later in the year. (To clarify: OzFox Lite is the 2 day, low cost, Australian speaker based, big user-group like conference in March. The full OzFox is the bigger, 3 day, ‘expensive’, international speakers, conference, aiming to be held late in the year).
Here’s the deal at the moment. I am using OzFox Lite to give me an indication of the real interest in hosting the the full OzFox. If there is enough interest I will definately proceed with the full conference later in the year. If there is only minor interest then the event may not even proceed, or may need to change format (eg I can’t bring out 6 international speakers like I did last time unless there is enough paying attendees to cover the costs of flights, accommodation etc). My hope, and the vibe I am picking up from developers, is that the full OzFox will be on later this year. I will decide at the end of March.
A few people have asked how they can help. Here’s the easiest ways you can help:
OzFox Lite is on in 8 weeks time: 25 and 26 March 2006.
Here’s why you should attend:

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By Craig Bailey