VFP: OzFox is over – Visual foxPro conference


And before you knew it, it was over…
Well, we certainly had a great time over the weekend.
For anyone looking to make contact with the speakers, here is a quick overview of how to contact some of them:
I will be posting session notes during the week as I receive them.
Greg posted a nice piece on his experience here. And check out Paul Stovell’s post – he’s a .Net guy who turned up to listen to Adam and ended up staying for more (thanks for the kind words Paul – glad you enjoyed it).
As I said in the close yesterday, none of this conference would have happened if it weren’t for the great support of Andrew Coates and Microsoft. If anyone tells you Microsoft isn’t supporting VFP in Australia then you now know better. And if anyone tells you the wider developer community doesn’t support FoxPro, then you now know better too.
There was also a stack of great feedback about the potential full OzFox. I’ll be posting details of the full OzFox later this week.

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By Craig Bailey