VFP: Much interest in a Team System Client for Visual FoxPro?


I received an email yesterday from a VFP developer in the US asking about whether there was much interest in a VFP Team System client amongst the community. He is considering writing one.
I replied that I thought probably not… after all most Fox developers have their systems worked out after all these years.
However I should mention that for us personally at Talman we’d love it, as we are using TFS heavily on the web side of things and it is fantastic. So a VFP client would be the next logical step.
So, whilst we would definately use it, I’d be interested to know how many others feel the same way.
Is Team System something on your agenda, or is it of no interest? I’d really appreciate your thoughts, so please either blog about it, leave me a comment or email me directly here (cb@talman.com.au).


By Craig Bailey