VFP: Great Lakes Great Database Workshop 2006


The thing I like about Whil’s conference description is how he is focussing on best practice. A little while back Scott and I discussed the need for better design in the VFP development space. Our basic point was that VFP’s ease of use had often lead to an abandonement of proper analysis and design in many projects (not least our own!).
To this end Scott will be presenting a session on Good design in VFP at every meeting of the Sydney VFP User Group next year (we announced this last Wednesday here). Interestingly a lot of the ideas he will be presenting are coming from .Net arena, where people are definitely spending the time to get it right.
So, back to Whil’s conference. This is definately a great focus for a conference. The session topics look spot on to me. As Whil says, the product (VFP) is mature and not likely to change greatly. So, let’s learn how to use it properly to its utmost.
(Will I be at Whil’s conference? Sadly no, I am already committed to Code Camp Oz.)

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By Craig Bailey