VFP: FoxTabs needs your help


Scott and I are back on the FoxTabs case (after a couple of months distracted by other things – news on that in a few weeks).
We are keen to resolve the big show stopper, which is it will crash if there are compile errors in prg, forms or class code.
To replicate this, all you need to do is run up FoxTabs, open a prg and type some dodgy code. Try to run the prg and whammo you should get an error that kills your VFP session. Nice!
[We added some nasty hacks in the latest beta that caught it under some circumstances (I’ll let you check the code to see how nasty the hack is), but now we want to fix it properly.]
What it amounts to is this: we haven’t worked out a way to trap for the VFP compile error dialog showing. We need to be able to recognise the Compile error dialog and exclude it (ie not try to make a FoxTab out of it).
So, I’m appealing for your help. Anyone done anything like this in the past?
You’ll probably see a thread on UT start aswell shortly about this issue. But if anyone has ideas please let me know. Probably best to post a comment here, so that others can see, but if you prefer please send me an email at cb@talman.com.au
Many thanks in advance!
FoxTabs – download it here


  • I have a solution:

    Don’t write code that can’t compile!

    Who does that anymore? (ha! ha!)

  • I have a solution:Don’t write code that can’t compile! Who does that anymore? (ha! ha!)