VFP: FoxTabs 0.4.2 Beta released


Yes, another(!) beta. Download it here.
I know we promised to release this ages ago, but we’ve been slack…
This release fixes a few minor items (eg the flickering between tab changes) and brings consistency between tab icon and tab label behaviour.
A big, big thank you to Tracy P who has done most of the work for these fixes.
If you’ve been following the discussions in the FoxTabs forum then you’ve probably implemented these changes already. If not, then download the latest version here:
If you’d like to post a suggestion or bug please register on the site and drop us a note on the Forum here:
Some interesting stats on FoxTabs downloads:
So far we’ve had 1005 downloads of the .app and the source code.
Now, I’ll assume that most people downloaded both the app file and the source code file (even though the app is in the source code download as well), so assume 500 or so people have downloaded it.
Next, divide this in half again because we’ve had a few beta versions and most people have probably downloaded more than one version over time.
So, I’m assuming around 250 people are playing with FoxTabs even though it is still in beta.
Folks, thank you so much for your great support! Thanks also to the great suggestions and support we’ve had on the forum.
And yes, we’ll do a formal release soon.

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By Craig Bailey