VFP: FoxPro enDangerfieldment


A few people have written their thoughts on Mary Jo Foley’s article on VFP

I liked Andrew MacNeill’s discussion, and in particular his closing appeal that we need to make our users excited. Read it all here:

If we are to have any chance of getting users excited about FoxPro then we atleast need to make our products attractive. Sadly, the number of ugly Fox apps far out weigh the good ones in my experience (I’ve mentioned my thoughts on this previously).

So, where to from here? Microsoft is doing its part in supporting VFP (even though we are only a small group nowadays – listen to Ken’s comparison of user base in Fox Show 24 for confirmation of that). Let’s do our part in making sure the apps we build are worthy of it – let’s turn our Roger Dangerfield apps into… Anthony Hopkins apps?

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By Craig Bailey