VFP: FoxPro Conferences


Thanks to Craig Boyd for summarising the FoxPro conferences this year (and I note Milind has done likewise here). Note that in the comments on Craig Boyd’s post there is a pointer to the Brazilian conference coming in the ‘1st Semeter of 2006’.
[As an aside, it would be nice if we could pick up comments via RSS as updates to a post – perhaps this is something easy I have missed? – it is very rare for me to visit blog sites these days – most of my reading is via my reader and I expect this is the norm]
I note Rick’s post about timing and will take that on board with the final decision regarding OzFox. If September is too busy then it may be better to delay OzFox a few months – we’ll see.
I’d like to send special encouragement to Kevin Cully and his Fox Forward conference. I was a first time conference organiser with OzFox 2004 and if I had received a post like Craig Berntson’s here I would have been devastated. But then again, better to be told upfront and remedy the situation (see here for how Kevin is proactively improving his offering). And yes, AV was one of the killers for me too.


By Craig Bailey