The Power of Balance


During my holidays I had a chance to read a few books. Some were on time management (eg Brian Tracy books) and others were on Alexander Technique (I’ve been taking lessons to help with my back problems – yep those long hours in front of a monitor take their toll if you don’t look after your posture).


Anyway, the interesting thing is that time management books focus on using your time as efficiently as possible. Write your goals, work out your todo lists, prioritise etc. all good stuff. The Alexander Techniques books will recommend taking a step back, slowing down, being aware of how you use your body, reducing stress etc.

After a while you realise these two are at odds. You can’t slow down AND maximise your output. You can’t be always on the go at work AND taking a step back.


One comment I thought was interesting was that if archeologists in 1000 years were to analyse our culture (Western culture that is) they would speculate we worshipped clocks and time.

So, I’m hearing the need for a new book that explains balance in our lives. Everything from work, to finance, to family, to religion, to leisure, to study needs to be balanced. We (or is it just me) seem to always go to extremes, whether it is working 12 hours a day, obsessing about money, whatever.


I’m going to call the book ‘The Power of Balance’ and make a motza by getting it on the New York Times bestseller list. It’s top of my To-do list and I’m going to work my guts out to get it finished. If I don’t make a lot of money I’ll feel like a failure. Now, why is my back hurting?



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