TECHED: Why Windows Server 2008 Web edition?


I’ve decided to cover a lot of areas this year (not just Developer sessions). This includes Server and Security sessions.

This session blew me away. Eric Deily gave an excellent overview of the Web Server edition of Windows Server 2008.

IT Pros who’ve been following Server 2008 will be well aware of the details of course, but for me it was an eye opener.

Here’s why companies (especially Software Dev companies) should be getting their IT Manager to install a Windows 2008 Server for them to be working with ASAP:

  • IIS7 has been rebuilt from the ground up
  • Everything has been modularised, and by default only a minimum set of modules are installed
  • This means a small footprint, reduced attack surface and higer performance
  • All IIS settings can be configured via a config file (if permissions have been delegate to the config file – an Admin can still control this)
  • This means that sites can be effectively XCOPYed between servers

Summary: Why IIS7?
Answer: Security and performance

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By Craig Bailey