TECHED: Why Visual Studio 2008?


In the first session of the day I stepped into Tony Goodhew’s overview of Visual Studio 2008 (previously Orcas).

The session covered VS2008 Pro (as opposed to the Team editions) and was a slick high level flight over the product.

Answering the question of WHY?, Tony gave three reasons:

  1. Tools for Office 2007 and Vista
  2. Improvements for Web developers
  3. Language enhancements (especially data handling eg LINQ)

The reasons are compelling, even if some are no more than catchup (eg the split view – touted as an improvement for Web devs – has been in FrontPage for years).

I won’t be giving a recap of sessions or what was covered, instead just summarizing what the most compelling answers to WHY? are for me.

Here’s why I think we should move to VS2008 asap:

  • You can target multiple versions (ie you just select whether you are targeting .Net 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5), so there is no downside, but plenty of upside
  • LINQ data handling is just about ready :-)
  • Support for Vista
  • Support for Office 2007 development (more on this in a later post)

Beta 2 has just been released.

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By Craig Bailey