TECHED: Why ForeFront Server Security?


Developers (like me) often can’t comprehend the overhead of installing security tools across a large server count. Afterall, we are usually only dealing with a handful of servers. So how do the people looking after large numbers of servers (eg hundreds) cope?
This is a difficult problem and a number of vendors are targetting applications at the problem. One particular area is ensuring all Exchange and SharePoint servers have their security products kept up to date.
As Tim Smith explained, this is where ForeFront steps in. Acquired by Microsoft from Sybari, the Antigen product range has largely been re-branded as ForeFront.
The product has a number of versions, but in general is a means of linking in servers to be updated automatically, no matter what security suite they run (eg Kaspersky, CA, Norman etc). Forefront does all the management of deployment out to the servers.

Why ForeFront Server Security?
Answer: To easily manage deployment of security updates out to Exchange and SharePoint servers.

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By Craig Bailey