TECHED: Sun soaked and technology packed


I’ve made it to the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia) for TechEd 2007. Just back from the opening party where I caught up with a bunch of people.

My initial thoughts:

  • A great start to the event
  • The Technology Showcase is by far the best booth (I spent half the night there)
  • Having the Technology Showcase at the same location as the bull riding was unfortunate (because the bloke MCing the bull riding was way too loud :-( )
  • There was stacks of high quality food
  • I met a heap of new people (by wandering up to tables and sitting with complete strangers and even jumping into taxis with other delegates -they’ve all been friendly :-)
[The full album of photos (in proper size) is available from my TechEd 2007 Web Album]

But, in summary, here’s the view from my hotel window:


Here’s the bloke who made it all happen this year (Andrew is on the right)


And here’s a shot of some bloke about to fall off a mechanical bull


More to come…

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By Craig Bailey