Taking a compliment


An interesting social experiment where a women decided she’d agree with compliments men gave her. The results are pretty interesting – summary:  she mostly got criticised, called vain, and even abused.

The issue is probably not a gender one (eg if the roles had been reversed and men had agreed when getting complimented, they’d likely have gotten similar pushback) but it does raise the question: what’s the appropriate response to give when someone compliments you.

It’s something most of us have probably struggled with: since it can be uncomfortable, and likely depends on the company you are with at the time, and perhaps even the culture you are in (eg Australian culture can be quite different to American culture).

Many people are uncomfortable and try to shrug it off (I’m probably in this category), whilst others will accept it gracefully  (I wish I could be comfortable in this category).

It’s worth having a read of some suggestions from etiquette experts including Dianne Gottsman, Margaret Page and  The Art of Manliness. Summary: just say ‘Thank you’



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By Craig Bailey