SQL 2008 Support in VS2008 SP1


A nice little interview with Milind Lele by Beth Massi, uncovering some of the nice data sync enhancements coming in SP1 (especially if you are connecting to SQL Server 2008). If you haven’t seen this stuff covered before, then this 15 minute overview is worth watching.

But treat this as a ‘what’s possible’ not a ‘how to do it’ video. It covers the functionality nicely, but I’m a little concerned when I see Microsoft endorsed videos having demos that involve putting fundamental code in the click events of toolbar buttons. Developers with a few years of experience under their belts know this is just example code for the sake of brevity, but sadly we’re seeing more and more code these days from newbie developers that feature all these bad practices (click event code, pasted in javascript, code copied and pasted repeatedly instead of in classes, the list goes on). This video would have been a stand out if Milind had taken a few extra minutes to demonstrate how the code could have been better organised.

I’m really looking forward to SP1 though.

SQL 2008 & Occasionally Connected Client Support in Visual Studio SP1

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By Craig Bailey