Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for SharePoint


With SharePoint 2010 just around the corner, the focus on using SharePoint for web facing sites is about to increase dramatically. And with it, the need to ensure that SharePoint  (or MOSS) driven sites are properly optimised for search engines.

SharePoint Search Engine Optimization

But what about existing SharePoint 2007 sites? Although MOSS has a number of problems in terms of web standards, and difficulty with setting meta tags there are resources that can help.

SEO for a SharePoint site is similar in many ways to SEO for other sites (eg WordPress). The usual rules of writing quality content apply, as do the strategies for link building.

However, where things differ is in the On-page strategies. ie how each SharePoint page displays its title tags and meta tags, as well as how URLs are formatted, sitemaps generated and the site is architected.

Here’s a few resources to help you get started optimizing your SharePoint 2007 sites:

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