SBTUG: Next Wed 26 Nov 2008 – Steve Herzberg, Craig Bailey, EOY Party!


Quick details:

When: Wed 26 November 2008NEW: Join the SBTUG group on LinkedIn

  • Time: 6pm (until approx 8:30pm)
  • Where: Microsoft, North Ryde
  • Contact: Craig Bailey : 0413 489 388
  • Cost: Free (Pizza + Drinkies + Nibblies all provided)
  • More details:


Yes, that’s right it’s almost Christmas (only 34 days till the consumer frenzy dies down… and then resumes with New Year sales :-). How time flies. Whilst I’d love to hold a December meeting of the Sydney Business & Technology User Group (SBTUG), unfortunately it would fall on New Year’s Eve and I suspect the attendance would be minimal.

So that means this coming Wednesday 26 November is our last meeting for the year!

(*Pauses to allow people to sigh sadly*)

The good news is that we’ll be having a special SBTUG meeting with drinkies, nibblies and much frivolity (as well as our usual talks and pizza).

And as an added bonus we’ll be meeting at half time with the BizTalk User Group to chat and compare pizza toppings.

About our sessions:

How to Network

How appropriate – our first presentation this month is on Networking. Steve Herzberg will be giving us an overview of networking at events, with pointers, tips and advice. Steve, you may recall, presented an awesome session back in August last year on How to Win New Business. He’s a top sales and marketing trainer (he does all the speaker coaching for the TechEd presenters for example) and is an all round top dude. He’s even been known to get into a bit of stand up comedy of late.

Thus, after his session, you can practice your new found networking skills on the BizTalk User Group – they won’t know what hit ‘em :-)


Content Management Systems

After the pizza and frivolity I’ll be taking you through our second session for the night, covering Web Content Management Systems (CMS). I’ll be taking a high level look at the different requirements of Content Management Systems and then mentioning a few of the hundreds (if not thousands) of Web CMS that are out there.  I’ll briefly cover Elcom’s own Web CMS  as part of the discussion, but it won’t be salesy (you know me well enough by now) as I’ll essentially be vendor neutral.

So if you’ve wondered where WordPress, DotNetNuke, Vignette, GoodBarry, Sitecore, Kentico, SharePoint, Elcom and a bunch of others sit in relation to each other, this will be of interest to you. I won’t be going into huge detail about the features of each, rather I’ll be highlighting the main areas that each service.

I’ll open it up to plenty of questions and will be encouraging your feedback since I’m sure you’ve all had experience with a CMS of sorts at some stage.


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By Craig Bailey