SBTUG: Links, contact details from last night

[UPDATE: Fixed the News file link]

We had an excellent start to the year, with Cecelia Haddad taking us through Public Relations (PR) and Peter Ward covering the new features in SQL Server 2008 with a focus on those giving the most business value.

Here’s some links and contact details.

Cecelia Haddad: Marketing Elements

Peter Ward: WardyIT

Here’s the Tech News presentation with all the links embedded.

If you want any of the past News presentations, they are available from the previous meetings section of the site.

The SBTUG Twitter feed – – was being updated live by Catherine Eibner.

Andrew Coates looked after us as usual and dished out some great prizes.

Btw don’t forget to join the ‘Convince Andrew Coates to join Facebook’ group :-) – we need to get 150 members (currently 73).

Upcoming User Groups

And a reminder of upcoming user groups (this is also in the Tech News slide deck)

Thur 07 Feb – SDNUG – Nick Randolph – Visual Studio 2008 features

Tue 12 Feb – RDN – Darren Neimke – Managing the Development process

Tue 12 Feb – SQL UG – SQL Spatial features and Virtual earth

Tue 19 Feb – SPUG – SharePoint topic TBA

Wed 27 Feb – SBTUG & SNUG (combined meeting) – Mike Culver – Web-scale computing with Amazon Web Services (click here to RSVP)

There’s probably a few others in Feb too, if so drop me a note in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

I’ll be having real difficulty on Tue 12 Feb because both those groups look excellent. The SQL spatial stuff, combined with Live services is exciting and opens up a world of possibilities. But, I’m a Darren Neimke fan, so I’ll be at the RDN meeting.

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By Craig Bailey