Salesforce is doomed. Apparently


This, kids, is why you need to take most opinion pieces on tech blogs – even the respected ones – with a grain of salt.

The title – Why Salesforce is the new Blackberry – is a clever title. It certainly got me interested.
But then *sigh*, as the post attempted to position Salesforce as being in danger of sudden death – but never clear what causes that death (ie the Apple equivalent in the Apple killing Blackberry analogy).

The closest the article comes is to mention the importance of user experience and data driven automation – something no one would likely argue against. Salesforce included.

Towards the end of the piece:

Post-Salesforce CRMs will disrupt the industry with the force and suddenness of the iPhone. In the same way Spotify’s personalized playlists improve our experience without requiring our full attention, the new batch of CRMs will use data to make decisions and take action – true automation powered by artificial intelligence.

And then this closing remark:

In 10 years, Salesforce will either be forgotten or fading from relevance, and that will be a boon to sales teams everywhere.

10 years. Seriously.

I’m pretty sure this post was ghost written for the author, and he didn’t even check it thoroughly. And why would he – he’s too busy running his competing data driven CRM company.

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By Craig Bailey