A collection of tools, resources and products I use and recommend.

WordPress Resources WordPress Resources
A list of recommended WordPress resources including Themes, Hosting options, Plugins and Links.
SEO Resources SEO Resources
My list of favourite SEO blogs, tools, books, podcasts and resources.
Online marketing, ecommerce and membership systems Ecommerce & Membership Systems
The best tools for online selling, internet marketing and community building.
Plugins for Firefox and Chrome Browser Plugins
Plug-ins I use in Firefox and Chrome that make the experience so much better.
General tools that make life easier General Tools
A collection of my favourite general tools including text editors, HTML editors, etc.
favorite-website_64 Small Business
Some tools I use to help manage my business simply and efficiently.

About Craig

I'm the co-host of HubShots and the CEO of XEN - helping mid-large B2B companies with their digital marketing and lead generation.

Craig Bailey