Putting the boot in to Microsoft


This will only hurt if everyone talks about it Apparently February is ‘put the boot into Microsoft’ month. I must have missed the memo. Or perhaps it only got sent to the ex-senior-management@microsoft.com mailing list. In any case it’s been good to see that some have taken the directive to heart. Oh hang on, cancel that – there actually hasn’t been much said by former softies at all. Instead it’s just all the noise of journalists (and Microsoft!) reporting on what one or two (and perhaps three) former softies said.

If you haven’t yet written your own second-hand post about the internal woes of working at Microsoft and how they are doomed to failure, you’d better get started. Otherwise people will think you’re behind the times in reporting what Dick Brass in the New York Times outlined as Microsoft’s main ‘problem’: making billions of profit every year from the same products (it’s sooo not cool).

Thankfully we have Mary Jo Foley to sprinkle a little common sense around and Todd Bishop to put it into perspective.


By Craig Bailey