Privacy: CCPA – it’s GDPR all over again


You remember the panic around GDPR right? Even if you weren’t targeting audiences in Europe, you were across the privacy changes this new regulation ushered in.

What about CCPA?

It’s going to be GDPR all over again, but this time in the US, slated for 01 January 2020. Technically it’s limited to California, but in practice this will be an important consideration for marketers targeting anyone in the US (especially if you are using marketing automation tools that have fuzzy targeting around the state/region level of countries).

I have to admit that until two months ago I hadn’t even heard of CCPA – it was a client who asked me how we were preparing for it (thanks Lester). Since then I’ve been digging into it a little deeper, including raising the issue with HubSpot and how they are going to manage it. 

Here’s their response so far:

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your patience while I looked into your inquiry!

I spoke with a member of my team who specializes in this topic and he confirmed that our GDPR tools accomplish almost all of what the CCPA may require and if other things are added we’ll build tools for them as we did for GDPR. If need be, we will be tweaking our internal processes and making UI changes to our product to help meet the CCPA requirements. We’re assessing the proposed regulations and meeting with the right teams to be sure that any work required for the CCPA is done.

Because the law isn’t finalized yet, we don’t have any public-facing documentation on how we would implement any changes, however if the law requires us to change things internally, we will continue to be transparent with our customers and will have documentation on how it would affect HubSpot and our tools specifically.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

Please let me know if you desire further clarification on this and I’ll be happy to look into it for you :)

Kind regards,



  • Be aware of the CCPA legislation (even if you aren’t targeting California or the US)
  • Consider it similar to GDPR
  • Be reasonably comfortable that HubSpot (and I *assume* most decent marketing tools) will have key requirements covered within their toolset
  • Stay tuned in the Nov/Dec period for the final push from vendors about how to implement

We’ll be across this in the coming months (not least because a number of my wife’s sites have big audiences in the US – yes, skin in the game folks).

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