PewResearch findings indicate 46% of bosses block access to some web sites


There’s no real surprises in the overall findings in PewResearch’s latest study on the impact of technology on workers:

  • email and internet are very important,
  • office landline phones are important,
  • cell phones not so important.

But in the remarks down the page there is a finding related to website access that I found surprising:

Just under half of those surveyed say their employer blocks access to certain websites (46%) and has rules about what employees can say or post online (46%).

Almost every second employer blocks access to certain websites.

I’d love to know what websites get blocked (eg porn, hate-speech, etc I can understand), but I’m guessing most of the blocked sites will be social media based (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc). If so, it’s yet another reminder that social as a B2B tool is always going to hit hurdles, and it’s no wonder email marketing is still so effective.

BTW make sure you read all 3 pages in the article (it’s easy to miss the navigation at the bottom).

And as usual note that this study is hardly comprehensive – it’s based on responses from 1066 people.

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By Craig Bailey