PERSONAL: Time to wind down


Boy am I looking forward to a break next week (I plan to take a few days off in addition to the regular public holidays).
The last 2-3 months have been incredibly hectic. I’ve worked most weekends and a lot of nights finishing projects (or atleast trying to!), working on proposals and even making some wins. Last week Talman welcomed a very experienced Senior VFP Developer to the team. The aim is for him (I’d like to name him but will check with him first) to take over most of the project management and team leading stuff from me, so I can work on more strategic parts of the business. This is a very welcome and much needed step and I’m delighted it is finally in place.
The year is ending well, and I am absolutely stoked about where we go next year. From the surge that VFP is enjoying at the moment, to the awesome potential of Microsoft’s Team System, next year is going to be a great ride.
But before that I need to take a rest. Looks like I’ve come down with a cold (which is usually my body’s way of telling me to slow down) and when I had a massage on Saturday my massage therapist (they don’t call them masseuses any more) was concerned about how knotted up my shoulders were. (As an aside, if you find yourself having trouble sleeping at night then consider getting a shoulder massage. I couldn’t believe how much better I slept that night.)
So, next week Michele and I will be kicking back and playing computer games together for the whole week. Bring it on.

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By Craig Bailey