PERSONAL: Help my wife for 30 minutes


Perhaps you can help… my wife Michele is doing research into happiness as part of her Psychology Honours Thesis.
Part of this is an online survey which asks about 150 multiple choice questions. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. It is completely anonymous.
If you are able to take part in the survey that would be a great help to her. It is fine for people living in Australia or overseas to do it (although see Ethics note below).
You can start here
A word about Ethics – the survey states it is open to people living in Australia. This is to comply with University Ethics requirements for the sole purpose of being able to provide a counselling phone number for you to call in case you are distressed by it (I’m not kidding!).
I’ve done the survey (after all I wrote the survey site) and can tell you the questions are totally harmless. So, whilst it is fine for people living anywhere to do it, Michele can’t actually put that on the site (hence she ‘invites people living in Australia’). In order to be ethically allowed to ‘invite people living outside of Australia’ she would have had to provide a global toll free phone number etc etc… which would have been almost impossible to have in place in time for the survey.
Bottom line: anyone can do it, but if you are worried you might get ‘distressed’ about a question that asks you how happy you are then perhaps you should give it a miss {g}.
A big thank you to you if you do take the time to complete it. I know 20-30 minutes is a big ask, so your help is greatly appreciated.
The results of the survey will be posted in November this year – I’ll let you know how it goes.
(btw I am aware that the site can render a little funny in FireFox – it is fine in IE though)

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