OzFox Rocks Episode 5


Sedna, SP2, Tips, Opinions
Welcome to the fifth episode of OzFoxRocks!
In this (brief) show we discuss the latest Visual FoxPro news, both local and international, plus our regular spots including Tips, Links, OzFox Rocker and Opinion piece.
Download the episode here (32.41 MB)

Time listing
00:12 Intro – its been a long Wait
00:52 Senda October CTP
02:10 Service Pack 2 CTP see also Doug Hennig blog for xmlbulkload code
02:30 Doug Hennig wins Lifetime Achievement Award
02:56 Southwest Fox feedback Doug reports Rick reports
04:23 Local news – Bernard Bout Aero look
07:55 The Ever-helpful Andrew Coates
08:42 Putting the Ever-helpful OzFox 2007 plug
10:11 Australian VFP MVP
11:36 What are the benefits to MVPs
12:20 Tip of the Month – SYS(2410)
14:40 Link of the Month, but first: clarifications of what a CTP is
15:50 And now for the Link – SP2 CTP video or here
16:45 OzFox Rocker of the Month – Cesar Chalom (Plus VFPx)
18:36 Opinon Piece – The Daily WTF (unfortunately the link was pulled) QuidsHarris Technology
22:05 Farewell
22:30 Bonus ever helpful bit…
23:36 And that’s really it

We’ve changed our music policy. Due to the number of downloads it was getting expensive and difficult to organise rights to use music from bands we liked in the show. Where as we originally expected around 50 listeners, we ended up with over 1500 downloads recently, so we’ve had to move to using stock music in the show.
So, starting this show we’ve used the (now) well known Metallicated track (which has become the de facto VFP theme song thanks to Kevin Ragsdale – check out the link here)

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