OzFox Rocks Episode 3


Building Better Solutions
Welcome to the third episode of OzFoxRocks!
In this show we discuss concepts to do with buiilding better solutions in VFP, including better design, design patterns, test driven development, unit testing and using buzzword {g}.
Download the episode here (38.03 MB)

Time listing
00:03 Welcome
00:26 Intro
01:06 OzFox Rocker of the Month – Ken Levy
01:15 Ken’s moving on
06:10 Welcome to Milind Lele
07:56 March Sedna CTP
09:16 Craig Boyd: VFP on Vista – Blog 1Blog 2
11:12 Patterns and Practices Summit
17:23 Toward Better Design
19:37 Test Driven Development
23:37 Adam Cogan’s thoughts on unit testing
25:11 Buzzwords
28:57 OzFox Express?
31:22 Conference comeback
33:16 Tip of the Month – Valid event enhancements in VFP9
36:51 TFS provider for VFP (and Visual Studio)
38:18 OzFoxRocks promotion of the Month: InfoToday – Crystal Reports and VFP
40:03 More on upgrading to VFP9 SP1
41:14 Signoff

Funky Town by Pseudo Echo
This episode has a grab from the Pseudo Echo version of the Lipps, Inc classic Funkytown.
In the early 1980s Pseudo Echo were the second biggest band in Australia (after INXS).
The song is from their second album ‘Love an Adventure’ (which was originally released without this song) but re-released the year after (for more details see Wikipedia here).
This track has been hard to purchase of late, but die hard fans rejoice, it can be purchased here on the HMV site.
Each show we will feature a grab from a favourite song. The criteria for the song selection is this:
Must be an Australian band, and preferably from Sydney
Must be from the 1980’s
Ideally a band we have seen live

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