OzFox Rocks Episode 2


The Surge
Welcome to the second episode of OzFoxRocks!
In this show we discuss The VFP Tipping Point, news, tips, links and blogs, and give our opinions on a few matters.
Download the episode here (46.70 MB)

Time listing
00:02 Welcome
00:20 Intro
00:43 Coming up in the show
01:25 Back from holidays
02:03 Opinion piece – The Surge (includes a recap of 2005 events)
04:42 The VFP Tipping Point?
06:56 How can we promote VFP?
07:35 1.) Tagging web sites: William SandersHow to get googled
07:46 2.) Perception is everything
08:52 3.) Educating the developer community
09:48 4.) Promos – see Craig Boyd’s promotions and also Andrew MacNeill’s ideas
11:53 Filling the VB vacuum?
13:30 VFP Business Tips – The Role of SQL Server for VFP Developers
16:44 VFP News
16:53 Win32 Offline Reader – Anatoliy does it again
18:04 Whilfest returns – Great Lakes Great Database Workshop
18:54 FoxTabs and VFP Solution Explorer update
19:54 One FoxTabs issue still remaining
20:10 Tip of the month – Using SCATTER and GATHER with COM objects
21:59 OzFoxRocker of the Month – Andrew MacNeillThe Fox Show
23:29 Question Time – Should we upgrade to VFP9?
26:44 Question Time – Should we upgrade to VFP9 SP1?
27:45 Link of the Month – Universal Thread
29:31 General News – Microsoft Certified Architect
32:46 Guy Kawasaki blog – His 10/20/30 rule for presentations
33:40 Sign off

Permanent Friend by Girl Overboard
This episode has a grab from the song Permanent Friend by Australian band Girl Overboard. I saw Girl Overboard give an awesome show at The Great Northern Hotel one time, and for the close of the show the entire band played an array of drums and other percussion as a lead in to this song.
Sadly the band disbanded a few years later and even this record is difficult to come by these days. If you ever see it in a second hand shop – grab it.
Each show we will feature a grab from a favourite song. The criteria for the song selection is this:

  • Must be an Australian band, and preferably from Sydney
  • Must be from the 1980’s
  • Must be a band we have seen live

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