OzFox Rocks Episode 1


Andrew Coates – The right tool for the job
Welcome to the first episode of OzFoxRocks!

In our first show we discuss the aims for the show, introduce the segments, including tips, links and blogs, and then a great interview with Andrew Coates.
Download the episode here (44.01 MB)

Time listing
00:04 Welcome
00:22 Why OzFoxRocks?
00:35 Coming up in the show
02:07 Tip of the month – GetAutoIncValue()
04:01 Opinion piece – Sedna Roadmap
07:09 Team System thoughts and TechEd
08:22 Team System – is it for the VFP developer?
10:17 Good practice – Best practice
12:56 Team System – extensibility is the key
13:36 Link of the month – Using Win32 functions in VFP
14:56 Problems with the Win32 site…
17:51 The developer community
18:21 OzFoxRocker of the Month – Craig Boyd
20:01 Community call to action thoughts
21:24 User groupsSydney, Universal Thread
24:42 Support the User groups for your own group
25:11 Introducing Andrew Coates
25:58 Andrew’s background
27:05 What is a Developer Evangelist?
27:59 What are the biggest FoxPro features?
29:45 Fox data tools in future .Net versions
30:34 VFP in 5 years time…
34:12 The right tool for the job
35:58 VFP and .Net developers
36:27 SQL Server for the VFP developer
37:40 Client server in Fox?
38:42 The right tool for the job again
39:12 Dave Bower (runs Quids)
39:45 Go to all the User Groups
40:59 Andrew’s day to day tools
42:29 MapPoint COM wrapperProject Distributor web site –
43:28 Hurdles with using Fox to consume MapPoint web services
45:08 Andrew’s favourite features in Fox
45:39 Thank you to Andrew
45:53 VFP Solution Explorer
46:10 Thank you – The Fox Show, .Net Rocks (especially Team System episode), Andrew Coates
48:09 End

No Lies by Noiseworks
This episode has some grabs from the song No Lies by Sydney band Noiseworks. Noiseworks was one of our favourite bands when we were in our formative years (think late 80’s). Each show we will feature a grab from a favourite song. The criteria for the song selection is this:
Must be an Australian band, and preferably from Sydney
Must be from the 1980’s
Must be a band we have seen live
This song was their first single from their self titled album, released in 1987.

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