OzFox Rocks was an Australian based Visual FoxPro podcast hosted by Craig Bailey and Scott Scovell.
Here are the episodes:

Episode 1 – The right tool for the job (with Andrew Coates) – 15 October 2005
We recorded the first half of the show on 14 September 2005. The Andrew Coates interview was conducted a little later. Later again we edited and finally mixed down the show.
Andrew talks about his history with VFP, his role as a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, his thoughts on Fox, .Net, SQL Server, the community and his favourite features in VFP.

Episode 2 – The Surge – 12 January 2006
We finally recorded and mixed down our second show. We originally recorded the show on 4 January, but we were so chilled after our break that it sounded like we were on Prozac. So we re-recorded the entire show on 10 January 2006.
We discuss the surge Visual FoxPro has been experiencing, along with ideas for how get involved promoting VFP. We also consider how important SQL Server is in the VFP developer’s toolkit.

Episode 3 – Building better solutions – 09 March 2006
Another case of taking two weeks to get a show out. We originally recorded this on 28 February, but then re-recorded it all again on 7 March. Some more editing and then finally the release is ready on 9 March 2006.
In this show we look at some of the ideas and concepts to do with building better solutions.

Episode 4 – Community – 30 May 2006
From Reactive to Proactive
In this show we discuss the fantastic Visual FoxPro community. We look at stuff the community is doing right, some areas for improvement and some suggestions for the future.

Episode 5 – Sedna, SP2, Tips and Opinions – 31 October 2006
In this (brief) show we discuss the latest Visual FoxPro news, both local and international, plus our regular spots including Tips, Links, OzFox Rocker and Opinion piece.

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