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Office Development with Visual Studio Developer CenterThanks to Beth Massi for alerting us to this – the Office Development with Visual Studio Developer Center has been launched. This is where the URL will now take you to.

[This isn’t to be confused with the Office Developer Center (another excellent resource by the way), since that is open to all office development (not just Visual Studio based).]

The Office Development with Visual Studio Developer Center, as well as being short and pithy to say (not! :-) is a very intuitive entry into many of the VSTO related areas, whether they be How Do I videos, Code samples, CodePlex, Forums, Community links, as well as links to OBA.

Last week at Office DevCon I mentioned some of the excellent VSTO resources around. This Developer Center site would be my pick of them.

I especially like the Featured Resources section at the top, with pointers to things like the PDC sessions on what’s coming in Visual Studio 2010 in relation to VSTO.

Check it out.


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