nsquared Microsoft Surface apps


I thought you might be interested in this video – in it Neil chats with Eric Havir and demonstrates some of the educational apps we’ve been building for Microsoft Surface. The chemistry one at the end of the video is my favourite.

It’s a little difficult to make out exactly what is on the screen at times, so make sure you click on the ‘watch in HD’ at the bottom right of the YouTube page to see it in all its hi-res goodness (assuming you have the bandwidth).

And a big shout out to Tricky Business who provided designer input for the chemistry app.

I can tell you that playing with them is really cool. We’ve got 2 HP TouchSmart machines in the nsquared office, and running them on those with the Surface emulator is a lot of fun.

If you’re in Sydney and want to drop in to the nsquared office and have a play sometime, drop me a line (we’re at 109 Pitt Street in the CBD).

Any feedback or questions are more than welcome.

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By Craig Bailey