Nobody cares about the customer anymore 


Have you noticed that most companies don’t care about their customers anymore?

Just a few short years ago companies were focussed on their customers’ outcomes, these days they are just focussed on their own needs.

Here’s a quick test you can do next time you get a sales call: start explaining the context of your situation, and listen for how they respond. The majority of replies will be focus on turning your situation into a reason to buy their product. Not many will ask for further details about your situation.

I play this game every time a sales rep from HubSpot calls me (a HubSpot Partner) to ask about sales opportunities with one of our clients. I deliberately start to talk about our customer’s situation and wait for their response. Most will hurry me along, only focussed on whether there’s an opportunity, and quick to get off the call if there’s nothing immediately obvious. Occasionally though, a rep will take an interest in the customer and want to understand further. They are keen to ensure there’s a fit and the customer will benefit. These are the reps that I add to my contacts list and always answer their call. Lately there’s only been two who have risen to this level (Mike and Paul, you know who you are).

The 0% interest rate years were great for hiring tons of people and giving lots of value away. They’re long gone though, and the true colours of most cultures are shining through.

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Takeaway: for the minority of companies who are still focussed on customers, please continue to play the long game – it will serve you well when the inflation tide turns.

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By Craig Bailey