Microsoft’s new Green Strategy – it’s called Vista 64 bit


The Techies at Elcom completely reformatted my machine a few weeks back and installed Vista 64bit. This has been great because I can now access all 4GB of RAM (woo hoo!). But there’s been another unexpected benefit…

It turns out that there’s no printer drivers for our Elcom printers that work on Vista 64. So, for the last 4 weeks I’ve been unable to print anything.

Here’s the thing: For the first few days I found it really annoying – I’d lost a part of my normal daily processes. But after that I didn’t notice it all. In fact, I haven’t printed a single thing for almost a month. And I don’t miss it.

I tend to take my notebook to more meetings (since I use it to pull up meeting agendas etc) and that in itself has been a bonus – I spend far too much time in meetings these days, and being able to check email, intranet articles, etc has been a productivity boost.

So Microsoft, whilst I may have started this post tongue-in-cheek, I finish it with thanks. Seriously.

(I’ve told the Techies NOT to tell me if they find any drivers that work…)