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Microsoft gets more than 25 million spam submissions a day. Makes sense I guess, they’re a big company. I discovered this staggering stat going through their Microsoft IT* Showcase write-up on moving to Exchange Hosted Services.

I’m not an IT Pro so the article probably isn’t aimed at me – but I still found it an interesting article to scan through. Microsoft basically transitioned the entire organisation to exchange hosted services (EHS) in under 6 months, resulting in higher protection against spam and viruses.

Here’s the growth in spam over the last 5 years – you’ll see that the last 12 months has seen a jump from 11 million to 27 million (per day) and constitutes the majority of all email received.

Daily Spam at Microsoft

I recommend the site, there’s a bunch of interesting case studies (some are audio).

*Microsoft IT is the Microsoft Information Technology division that delivers all the global IT services for Microsoft.

(via Jeff Alexander)

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By Craig Bailey