MICROSOFT: Heroes Happen {Here} presentation


I had the pleasure of speaking as part of Dave Glover's session in the Visual Studio track at last Thursday's Microsoft Wave launch in Sydney.

Dave's session was on some of the new productivity enhancements in Visual Studio 2008. In my spot I covered off the experiences we've had with the 2008 stack at Elcom.

In particular I outlined how we, as a software development company – and thus mostly focused on Visual Studio – have benefited hugely from the performance improvements in IIS7 on Windows Server 2008. My point being that we need to investigate the entire stack – not just those parts that we deal with most.

One interesting thing about presenting the session – I got really nervous just as I went on. This is strange because I'm usually pretty comfortable as a speaker (having presented at user groups for years, spoken in front of large groups and even run conferences). Later that night I realised why… I'll be outlining that in a separate post.

My PowerPoint slides from the presentation are here. And the case study we handed out is here.

During the session I asked for feedback from people about our results. I'm keen to hear suggestions and field questions. I offered a prize for the best suggestion or question that came through. Most of the feedback I received was in relation to the resource usage of IIS6 compared to IIS7 – with people asking for more details. This is good feedback and I'll be detailing some of that in the coming weeks. Alan took performance monitor screenshots as he conducted the testing, and he'll be writing that up shortly.

And I'm happy to announce that the best suggestion/question winner was David Perks from Brennan IT. Two Hoyts Gold Pass movie tickets coming your way shortly Dave.

Finally, a big thank you to Microsoft and Dave Glover for having me along.


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