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Some of you will have seen the little article on Talman, OzFox and VFP in ComputerWorld. The link is:;594349567;fp;16;fpid;0

While ‘all press is good press’, it has been an eye opener for me. I wasn’t actually interviewed (although I’m quoted), and the slant is not how I would have portrayed OzFox (to me it’s more about community and the generous involvement of many parties, most notably the speakers) – I guess it serves me right for being on holidays in Switzerland <g>.

But it does raise the profile of OzFox and Visual FoxPro in Australia and that’s a good thing. Talman gets exposure aswell which is something I want to see more of.

For the record I was thrilled with how generous Microsoft and especially Andrew Coates were. My thank you note at the time still stands.

[Also, note that although the article mentions OzFox 2005 later this year, this hasn’t been confirmed yet. In fact I still haven’t finished a few things from OzFox 2004 such as compiling survey results and evaluations… things that will be important for preparing the next OzFox’s timing and content.]

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By Craig Bailey