Live Mesh gains credibility


Ray looking off into the Cloud. Geddit? Cloud. see, that's funny, right?You’ve hopefully seen the news about Live Mesh winning the Best Technology Innovation of 2008 at the Crunchies.

I think this is an important award for Microsoft, since it indicates that there is at least some mainstream acceptance that they’re doing something cool and innovative (note: by mainstream, I’m talking about people in tech as a whole – not just Microsoft fan boys like myself. And I’m obviously not referring to mums and dads :-).

I’ve been using Mesh for a while, and whilst I’ve been happy with it I have to admit to being initially underwhelmed. File sharing – big deal. It wasn’t until later that I started understanding the full potential of the Live Framework, and in deed the entire application layer that it gives, that my eyes were opened. People (people I respect) are now discussing how Live Mesh enabled applications are in essence giving us stateful web. Ponder that. My point is this, if you are still thinking Mesh is just 5GB of free storage then you need to dig deeper.

On a surprising note however, I installed Windows 7 (get it here if you haven’t already) and over the weekend re-installed all my apps (so far, so good btw). Of all the apps Live Mesh is the only one that does something weird. It forces my graphics into ‘basic’ settings. All the nice Aero gloss disappears. Bizarre.

UPDATE: As Peter explains in the comments, this is noted in the release notes. Still Bizarre though (IMO).

(via James Senior and Angus Logan. Image credit: Angus Logan)

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By Craig Bailey